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Through telemedicine, we are now offering comprehensive consultations between patients and the teaching faculty of U.S. medical schools

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We partner with people and communities in Nebraska to protect, promote, and improve the healthcare facilities and healthcare services available.

We accomplish our vision by:

Providing and supporting the essential health services of:

Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, health problems, and threats to people's health.

Education, empowerment, and mobilization of individuals and communities to prevent health problems and improve their health status.

Promotion of health policies and planning for individuals and community efforts to improve their health.

Recommending regulations and enforcement of public health laws and policies necessary to control disease and protect the public's well-being.

Facilitating access to health services for individuals of greatest need.

Critically evaluating and refining our healthcare activities and workforce competence.

Supporting the health-care safety net for:

Children and adults with special health-care needs.

Uninsured and under-insured people and families who need healthcare screening and basic preventive medical care


We will accomplish our mission and goals by adhering to these values:
• Integrity in all of our actions to build patients' trust.
• Inclusiveness and diversity of perspectives to achieve the best solutions.
• Partnerships with people, communities, and organizations to build a successful healthy community.
• Accountability and responsibility in the use of public resources.


• Protect people against preventable deaths due to malignant melanoma by improving early diagnosis rates and skin cancer awareness.
• Focus on fitness by promoting healthy eating, tobacco cessation and regular physical activity.
• Eliminate disparities in health among population groups.
• Improve our ability to respond to disease outbreaks, whether they are intentionally caused or naturally occurring.

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Byron L. Barksdale, M.D.

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